Neighborhood Information

Lower Fairfield County, Connecticut is often considered one of the most vibrant and wealthiest areas in the country to live.  The area is home to several Fortune 500 corporate headquarters and is known for its excellent schools, scenic neighborhoods, outstanding cultural events and attractions, and proximity to New York City.

Although real estate can be expensive, homeowners can generally get more for their money in Lower Fairfield County, when compared to purchasing real estate in or around New York City.  In addition, real estate taxes are usually significantly less in Fairfield County than in neighboring Westchester County.

The following websites contain detailed information regarding Fairfield County and the individual towns and cities located within lower Fairfield County:

Fairfield County
Town of Darien
Town of Fairfield
Town of Greenwich
Town of New Canaan
City of Norwalk
Town of Redding
Town of Ridgefield
City of Stamford
Town of Weston
Town of Westport
Town of Wilton